8 reasons why you should visit London

So, maybe you are planning for your 2012 holiday, you’re probably having a look at somewhere with beautiful clear blue water and sandy beaches that go on for miles, or perhaps you are planning the adventure of a lifetime to Macchu Pichu. But stop right there, this year I think you should consider London for your holiday!

I understand that in London you won’t be able to spend two weeks lazing on the sandy beaches of the Thames (you probably wouldn’t want to anyway) and I highly doubt that you’ll be abseiling down the side of Big Ben any time soon, but there are so many reasons that you should visit London, here are my top 8 reasons.

1)      History –

History is probably one of the main reasons that people tend to visit the UK, every street has a story to tell you just need to know where to find it. Why not go to parliament square and have a look at the majestic Houses of Parliament and then look to your right and come face to face with Westminster abbey where many of our Kings and Queens have been crowned and buried. (If you fancy learning a bit more about the famed Abbey then have a look at this great post by Velvet Escape http://bit.ly/zMTBPL )

 2)      Nature –

Being in a city you probably won’t expect to see to many calm and tranquil areas of nature but you can honestly find them in abundance here. In fact almost every street has some sort of greenery area. If you are on Oxford Street in the west end wander down towards Marble Arch and you’ll practically be standing in Hyde Park which is one of the largest parks in London. If you find yourself south of the river then go and spend the day in Battersea Park which is gorgeous throughout all the four seasons! If you’re an animal lover then you won’t be disappointed as each of the parks has loads of creatures big and small to try and spot. Richmond Park is home to red and fallow deer that run free through the park and if you’re on the edge of the city in the south keep an eye out for our resident green parrots!

3)      2012 Olympics –

As you’re probably aware the Olympics will be visiting the city of London (and other spots in the UK) for the third time. If you’re not interested in the Olympics or anything sporty then you’re probably wondering why I’m event bringing it up, but I think it deserves some recognition. With the Olympics comes a whole host of events, such as music concerts! Also other attractions (such as museum exhibitions, London zoo) will probably be offering some very good deals during the Olympics to make the most of the influx of people in the city.

4)      Food –

Like many big cities in the world London is full of different cultures and with culture comes food. You will find so many different eateries in London, you could literally find anything that took your fancy. We tend to have quite a lot of Italian restaurants and also a fair amount of Asian cuisine so if those take your fancy then London might be for you. Not only that but the English do have quite a lot to offer by way of foods as well, sit down and have a delicious roasted Chicken (with all the trimmings of course) on Sunday or have a fry up after a night out on the town on Saturday morning!

5)      Concerts and Events –

This one really depends on the time that you come to London, as well as having the Olympics and the Queens diamond Jubilee this year, we also have a whole host of events that are held on a yearly basis. For example, the Mayors Thames festival is held every year during the summer, nothing hill carnival is held in August and Winter Wonderland is a main feature in London throughout the winter months. We also hold events in the city for certain dates such as Valentine’s Day, Pancake day and St. Patricks day!

As well as all of those events, London is one of the best places to come for music concerts, musicals and shows. We have Earls court and The O2 centre that are frequently used by musicians to hold concerts, again it all depends on the date which you are coming.

6)      Museums and Galleries –

The best part about our museums and galleries… they are all usually free!

Places such as the Tate/ Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British museum and The national portrait gallery are all free to the public. There are certain exhibitions that you may have to pay an entrance fee for but there is more than enough free things to see that you needn’t worry about that!

7)      Sightseeing tours and walking tours –

I think this has recently become one of the things I love most about London, if you just want a little history and the ability to see a lot in a short amount of time I highly recommend taking a bus tour through the city (These are the two that I personally like – http://bit.ly/fCgSSr and http://bit.ly/8VrMq )

If you fancy a little more exercise then maybe one of the many walking tours is for you, these can range from historical views of the city (such as the jack the ripper walk) to art and photography walks!

8)      Shopping –

What’s a city break without a little shopping, you will never be bored if you’re looking to shop. There are different shops with very different price ranges sitting right next to each other on Oxford Street so I’d send you that way if you were looking for a little shopping extravaganza.

If your looking for cheap and cheerful then you have quite a large range of some of our high street shops including H&M, Primark and New Look and if you fancy something a little more high budget then don’t forget to have a look in Harrods, Selfridges and Hamleys!

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